Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Raising Chickens!

Yes, dear readers, I'm raising chickens! They should be of laying age by the time TSHTF. Rabbits are next on my to-buy list.

Your donations are appreciated now more than ever, as they are all going towards my wee farm. (To donate, click the donate button in the upper right corner of the web version [not mobile] of the blog. Thanks!)

I'll be sure to keep you posted on all my farming adventures under the blog tag "farm". - c

This video is about how we help our broody hens sit on a clutch of eggs and then hatch out and raise the chicks. There are 2 things I left out of the narrative. The first is that not all the broody hens will do such a great all around job of sitting and then raising the chicks so you have to test them out to see which ones have all the necessary skill and instinct. The second thing is that the broody hens are usually pretty thin after sitting on eggs for 20 days and then teaching their chicks to eat for another 45 days or so. So they have put on a lot of weight before the winter sets in.

"A man who has one foot in industry and the other on the soil is about as secure as he can be in this world." -- Henry Ford