Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DARPA Reveals HAARP Plans For 2013

Story: http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2012/10/darpa-reveals-haarp-plans-for-2013-2484498.html

FY 2012 Plans:

- Conduct comprehensive HAARP-ULF experiments to study the onset of noise under a variety of space-weather conditions.

- Conduct a series of experiments to inject VLF waves into artificial ducts.

- Develop, implement and test a continuously-operational, extensive array of instruments which will measure all atmospheric and electromagnetic components of tropospheric lightning and correlate this phenomenon with various ionospheric events.

- Deploy balloons into thunderstorms to make in-situ electric field, X-ray and gamma-ray measurements.

- Develop and deploy a constellation of receivers to study the radio emissions generated by lightning and associated ionospheric events.

FY 2013 Plans: 

- Conduct numerical studies of ion dynamics caused by ULF, and of VLF wave propagation through the ionosphere inside density ducts created by artificial heating.

- Experimentally attempt 3-D observations of HF-induced plasma structures and potentially determine relative HF power absorption for different altitudes, frequencies and geophysical conditions.

- Experimentally quantify the impact of triggered lightning on properties of natural lightning (including the emission of gamma rays, X-rays, UV, VNIR/SWIR, RF,VLF/ULF) and on the properties of ionospheric phenomena (elves, sprites, whistlers, etc.).

- Experimentally quantify the impact of tropospheric lightning (both triggered and natural) and its ionospheric components on the conductivity of the ionosphere and the resultant scattering of sub-ionospherically-propagating VLF signals.

- Experimentally quantify the impact of CIDs on lightning propagation as well as their potential contribution to the production of very large blue jets