Friday, October 26, 2012

Concealable Universal Handcuff Key

Universal "plastic" handcuff key opens all brand of cuffs. The flat, round shape conceals its purpose as a handcuff key. Made from thermoplastic resin blend, this durable, lightweight handcuff key evades metal detectors and can be hidden behind shirt and pant buttons or siliconed beneath watches and mace cans. This universal handcuff key can be hooked on shirt tags, pant leg hems, hat brims, sun glasses cords, spare buttons, etc. This universal handcuff key was designed and patented for hostage evasion scenarios. Handcuffs continue to be the restraint of choice for hostage management, given their wide availability and ease of hostage transport. Thus, this concealable, durable universal handcuff key could be a life saver for travelers abroad.

In the event that personnel are trapped in a pair of handcuffs or related leg restraints, they can silently access and remove these universal handcuff keys hidden in their clothing. Using their thumb and index finger on one hand, they can silently twist out the universal cuff key from its retaining ring and unlock the cuffs. While slightly larger than a nickel the unique design of this universal handcuff key enables the user to secure the cuff key behind buttons on any type of clothing and buttoning the clothing normally over top the key. The extremely lightweight form factor does not show through the clothing, nor does it create any telling ripples or wrinkles in the clothing. Even the latest technology in metal detectors does not reveal the presence of this universal plastic handcuff key.

The exact size of this universal handcuff key matches the back of many watches, including the Timex Iron Man and the Casio G-Shock watches. Users can silicone the key to the back of the watch. The key blends with the shape, size and material of these watches, so its presence is seamless and undetectable.

The special material blend is critical to the function of this universal key. The cuff key is lightweight and durable enough to be used as a daily cuff key. However, the key itself can be easily and silently removed from its retaining ring with a single index finger and thumb. This "plastic" handcuff key works on all brands of handcuffs.

Existing users of the universal handcuff key usually wear between 4 and 12 keys on their person.

The universal handcuff key is available in black, olive drab, tan and white. Color improves the ability for the key to blend in to the surrounding materials.

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Cool! I want a dozen. - c

Survival Blog reader Denise G. wrote to mention that it in some states it is illegal to fail to report to arresting police officers that you are carrying a concealed handcuff key. In Florida it is a felony!