Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"Ohhh! Right on schedule...[alien wars]! First seen in the data waaaay back in 1999, even before the creation of the SpaceGoatFarts entity, which is chock full of [alien wars] language.

Noting that it is the Pacific basin in the VT article linked below, and the 'timing', what are the 'odds' that the global coastal event of 2013 is the result of a 'response' from the [space aliens], rather than a 'natural occurrence'.

Next up in the [alien wars] temporal marker meme set is [farmers fight off space alien attackers with shotguns and tractors]....coming soon, to a reality near you." -- clif high, Half Past Human
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UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco

Full story from Veterans Today:



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Tallahassee said...

Lots of Hollywood Spielberg/Cameron familiar memes converging in this story...Independence Day hostile aliens unify Earthlings to multinational cooperation (brush up on those Morse Code skills) and Abyss-style undersea alien bases(minus the miraculously benign happy ending). UFO reports reveal our collective angst and our individual escape/rescue cravings. Alarm/reassurance. Armageddon meme/ kumbiyah meme: alien forces so advanced they can leap time/dimensions are here & want our planet 'aggressively'; OTOH, our fellow-earthling Chinese brethren will patrol our undermanned coast for us, and perhaps Iran will soon have a more exotic target than Tel Aviv to field test its nukes against. Don't get on board; it's a cookbook. Don't shake hands with the Martian Ambassador; it wasn't the dove. 'What do you want us to do?" "Die."
Appealing to many to be assured that authorities somewhere are aware of & investigating the top-secret UFO threat, so somebody somewhere must have A Plan. When waking up to an Iranian EMP strike becomes steadily more probable, it's fun to pretend the Big Threat is really undersea Lectroids off the Pelosi Coast and that Beijing, Foggy Bottom and Team Banzai are all on top of it. Paging all Irregulars...

covertress said...

Bravo, Tallahassee!

Don't ignore Hollywood's lateset movie meeme, which fits this scenario as well, Battleship.

Thanks for your insightful post.

Written by Mike Jaeger said...

This Lame Brain Story is a Cover Up Story for an Arms Sale to China. Remember the missile launch last year in the pacific? That was a test drive for an arms sale to china. This business now with China in the Pacific, is the training exercise. Done Deal for our happy arms dealers.

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Adding Battleship trailer to post...