Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama Lied - Osama Bin Laden Died 11 Years Ago

Obama Lied - Osama Bin Laden died 10 years ago [filmed in 2011]


Osama's pictures 'morphed'

Picture of Dead Body of Osama Bin Laden -- Is it Fake

Osama Bin Laden's death in December of 2001

Here is an article titled: "Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?"

Former Deputy Asst. to Secretary of State, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, declares Bin Laden was known to be dead 10 years ago.

Video interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Who Murdered Benazir Bhutto after she spoke in 2007 of Bin Laden's assassination?

Never in history has a man died so many times. I assume this is the last time.

Celebrate The Death Of Osama Bin Laden!!!

Celebrate The Death Of Osama Bin Laden!!! 

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Here is a second death photo of Osama

Osama Bin Laden Body Has Been Found!!!!

Celebrate The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

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"Leaked" photos on the Internet were faked:

Created from a frame taken from the film, Black Hawk Down. -- Snopes

A composite created from an image of a live Osama and a photograph of someone else's corpse. -- Snopes