Friday, September 14, 2012

LIVE UPDATES: Muslim Protests

Is WWIII starting over a stupid movie? -- Sam Bacile's "Innocence of Muslims"

Anti-Islam film protests Live Blog - link

Wikipedia - 2012 U.S. diplomatic missions attacks - link

Muslim Protests: Google Map - link


Iconoclast said...

It isn't so much about what I absolutely concur is most definitely "a stupid movie." Not even a grade school student would produce something so grossly amateurish without the desire to appear stupid.

It is the over-reaction of the lethally self-righteous followers of 'The Religion of Peace and Tolerance®'.... This cult was vile and insidious in the 7th Century. After 1400 years, the only way it has changed is to acquire vastly more dangerous weapons than it had available then to pursue its delusions.

They give 'infidels' three choices: conversion; slavery or death. This obsession leaves civilization only three options: (1) capitulation; (2) absolute quarantine under tight controls so this demographic evolves into something conducive to the advancement of humanity or (3) genocide. Obviously #2 is the preferred answer, but #3 must be considered because to capitulate to these savage primitives is tantamount to a planet-wide Dark Age of ignorance and superstition from which the species might never recover.

covertress said...

"Vile and insidious" SINCE THE 7TH CENTURY begs for option #3.

I am so tired of the protestor's religious victim mentality, that I find myself becoming a militant athiest.

WWIII over religion? My gun's bigger than their gun. Bring it.

Iconoclast said...

""Vile and insidious" SINCE THE 7TH CENTURY begs for option #3."

I dunno. It seems possible to have a secular moslem state (Turkey). If the civilized world can quarantine them, force them to use only their native resources, they would have plenty of fuel & lubricants and virtually nothing else, including food. Slap 'em down, hard, any time they try to get off the reservation and saturate their air waves with images of happy, healthy, prosperous people in functional societies, keep hammering on them that the difference is the cult of primitivism ... it would take a generation or five, but at one point, the youth will decide they want to do more than wipe their butts with the left hand and hump goats.

"My gun's bigger than their gun. Bring it."

To say nothing of your intelligence & creativity.