Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chemtrails Are REAL

CorpGov Lied: Chem-Sprayed Civilians in the 1960's

Think the chemtrail crowd is wrong?  New research being unveiled today says that indeed, the Army sprayed unknowing civilian populations with dangerous chemicals from 1945 to 1970.  The research paper is publicly available and here's the summary:


"This piece analyzes a covert Manhattan Project spin-off organization referred to here as the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, and an obscure aerosol study in St. Louis, Missouri, conducted under contract by the U.S. military from 1953–1954, and 1963–1965. The military-sponsored studies targeted a segregated, high-density urban area, where low-income persons of color predominantly resided.

Examination of the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition and the St. Louis aerosol studies, reveal their connections to each other, and to a much larger military project that secretly tested humans, both alive and deceased, in an effort to understand the effects of weaponized radiation. [emphasis mine - c]

Through this case study, the author explores how a large number of participants inside an organization will willingly participate in organizational acts that are harmful to others, and how large numbers of outsiders, who may or may not be victims of organizational activities, are unable to determine illegal or harmful activity by an organization. The author explains how ethical and observational lapses are engineered by the organization through several specific mechanisms, in an effort to disable critical analysis, and prevent both internal and external dissent of harmful organizational actions. Through studying the process of complex organizational deviance, we can develop public policies that protect the public's right to know, and construct checks and methods to minimize the chance of covert projects that are contrary to societal norms."

The report says officials looked at multiple cities for teststing but "Of those, St. Louis and Minneapolis" were selected as they both “met the desired summer temperature range”.

So comes now the question when government officials say "Trust us!"  Should we?  Or is this a pretty conclusive case of  "Fool me once, shame on me..."?

Hats off to the I-Team at KSDK TV  [2 videos here] for being all over this...  Viral time...  -- George Ure, Urban Survival


Anonymous said...

Nice find.

Here in St. Louis I first noticed chemtrails in January of this year. Since then we have gone maybe one continious week without them. Some days the spraying is so heavy you can barely make out the real clouds... it is like looking thru watered down milk or a fog.

Almost everyone I point them out too says there normal... LOL.

Anonymous said...

Here are some good info links I just found.


Anonymous said...

YOU Heard It First!