Saturday, August 25, 2012

Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Kick Off Blustery RNC

Hurricane Isaac has nothing on these two. Donald Trump and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio have top billing on the first night of the Republican National Convention -- and coincidentally no major tv network will be covering them.

Obama's birth certificate issue has been marginalized as such a joke by the Democrats that for the GOP to bring it up at this point seems like political suicide, unless...

Suppose for a moment that real PROOF of Obama's fraudulent documents has been discovered. Would this be enough reason for Donald Trump to act giddy as a school girl about his role at the RNC?

If not, and the Democrats are right about Donald's big role -- firing some Obama look alike... then I'll be terribly dissappointed in both The Donald and the GOP.

But, what if they have a real ace up their sleeve?

Personally, I'm expecting nothing less than Felony Fraud charges being filed against Obama.  -- I can't wait! -- c


Teak said...

May your crystal ball be clear, m'Lady!

covertress said...

The 2012 GOP convention turned out a hattrick of disappointment. Come the November presidential election, I'm voting for NONE OF THE ABOVE.