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August 12, 1984 - UFO Show at the Los Angeles Coliseum Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony

August 12, 1984 - UFO Show at the Los Angeles Coliseum Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony

What will the August 12, 2012 olympic closing ceremony bring? - c

The 1984 Summer Olympics show promised an unreal "out of this world" closing ceremony event. Which is exactly what the people of Los Angeles & spectators around the world were presented with! The closing ceremony which was held at the L.A. Coliseum featured a spectacularly unexpected light show, unlike the traditional fireworks presentation. This show, instead, included a quoted; "2-ton" flying saucer AKA spacecraft putting on a heavily colored light show of beams, shooting in all directions of the coliseum. Under a well-lit full-moon & thousands of attendees using the Olympic provided flashlights, the show became one of the most uniquely odd endings to a wonderful Summer games. To top off the event, the flying saucer made a surprise landing next to the fully filled stadium, which then led to an alien appearance in front of the live crowd in attendance.

Although, this event gained notable recognition at the time, it was soon forgotten. Maybe due to the lack of later coverage of the event, or a loss of interest by those who watched from there seats & television sets. Regardless, the event continued to gain minimal acknowledgement by theorists who claim the show was in fact, REAL.

Many elements, to this day, seem almost "to" unreal for the nature of the event. Many feel the coincidences that surrounded the event, the oddity of the event in general, & the keen hidden/subliminal details within the show gave it to much of a real feel, rather then fully staged feeling. In short, the year 1984 has huge significance to The Illuminati & other such connection, like The Mayans. Furthermore, the Olympic show had no prior advertising for any alien products including movies. Which, at the time, Sci-Fi was a slowly emerging genre among Hollywood, with a growing potential for profit. Though, no Sci-Fi flicks were being endorsed, presented, or advertised? With movies like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" releasing in 1977 under Steven Spielberg's directing, it still had a large following, as well as George Lucas' 1st installment of "Star Wars." Other films, John Caprenter's "Starman" & even "The Last Starfighter" both releasing in 1984 were not at all recognized as being attached to this specific event. So, what exactly was the purpose of the fake encounter?

Some feel it was a trial run to see how the general public would react to such an event. While others felt that the aliens in question, were primarily focused on gaining some sort of recognition from the public, rather then being shielded from us as they were previous to the event. Other minor, or major details observed, the alien "costume" was detailed with not only a "tube" or "hose" attachment that led to an unknown spot of the inner-craft that wasn't displayed on television. Other oddities included the costume containing 6-fingers rather then the obviously normal 5-fingers. This wasn't a mistake by the costume designer considering both left/right hands contained 6-fingers. -- # # #

"The movie is the message." -- George Ure, Urban Survival


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