Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tiny Purple Creatures Invade Hawaii

Biologists have been left mystified by millions of tiny purple creatures washed ashore on beaches in Hawaii.

The pea-sized, crab-like animals are dotting the beaches in Honolulu but scientists are yet to determine what they are, TV station KHON2 reports.

"The lifeguard called and asked what these things were because she had reports of surfers were actually have these things crawl up on their boards and onto them," Waikiki Aquarium biologist Norton Chan said.

"There's a lot of things we don't know about the ocean so any opportunity like this is a great learning experience."

Mr Chan said the creatures are likely to be crabs in the larvae stage, but he could not positively identify the species.

Source: KHON2. Author: Nick Pearson, Approving editor: Henri Paget

One of the tiny purple creatures. (KHON2)


Anonymous said...

Fukushima mutations?

covertress said...

We've identified less than 10% of the ocean's species. Likely this is just a new critter. Interesting how prolific it appears and yet we've never seen it before.