Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Earthquake Watch

Earthquake Watch

 - Astrotometry of recent solar activity indicates an incoming magnetic disturbance which may coincide with a major seismic event. The disturbance is forecast to arrive June 5th or 6th. Associated seismic adjustments will most likely occur in the hours before the expected increase in solar wind speed.
Depending on the aggregate polarity elevated solar wind speed from a recent earth-directed CME may have weakened or amplified the incoming disturbance. Without this factor, seismic events over 7.5 in magnitude are indicated by its characteristics.

The event is expected near 40 degrees north latitude but the exact location is unknown.

A new mapping technique and recent seismic activity may indicate an event near the Japanese Islands.

The watch event could also occur in another region since location is uncertain. 

This scientific log is a service of the Cosabio Virtual Institute. The analysis provided is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to prompt emergency response. Emergency managers are encouraged to use all available data, including other earthquake indicators in consideration of appropriate action. This watch may use data products from NASA, SOHO, SDO, USGS, NRL, NOAA, The University of Maryland, Stanford University, Kings College London, SolarMonitor.org, SpaceWeather.Com and Google none of which are responsible for it's contents. Results of this watch will be annotated at the end of this video.

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5.8  79km ESE of Ohara, Japan34.952°N141.178°E