Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Baltic "UFO" Anomaly: "Strange Phenomenon" - Object Emits Mysterious EMP Shield!
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The latest dive to the mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea yielded some very strange phenomenon.

Baltic Sea UFO: Area History And Wild Theories

This video presents some significant apsects to the so-called "Baltic Sea UFO" that was recently discovered by shipwreck treasure hunters. This specific location has been known for mass-sightings and mass-witnesses more than once in the past. Please visit the links below for more information and, as always, please leave your insightful and polite comments.

CNN Link 1:

CNN Link 2:

UFO Hunters "Operation Mainbrace" Link:

Ancient UFO Battles Link:

FOX News Link from August 2011:


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tyre changer said...

We couldn't believe it that it was true but now there are evidence showing there are mysterious life forms around us. What do they want, is the important question.

Anonymous said...

this guy promissed on discovery channel soon he will show the world what is that object.looks like he forgot.