Friday, May 25, 2012

CrossFit - Killing The Fat Man - 2

It's about to get real. In episode 7 of Killing the Fat Man—called "it was a very sexy experience"—Gary Roberts divulges how his new body is affecting bedroom time with his wife. "I will say as a fat dude trying to have sex is like a sumo wrestler trying to dance in a China shop," he jokingly says. "It's not very pretty and things are gettin' broken." He also talks about looking at himself naked. Roberts is approaching two months at Oceanside CrossFit, where he's been participating in the 30-day Paleo challenge for four weeks. Now he wants to get his overweight, 67-year-old father in on the action. "I know he can make a change, just like me," Roberts says. Coach Chris Sheets says Roberts keeps getting stronger and his movements are "solid." "He comes in, puts 110 percent in every single time," he says. "And you can see: he has just made huge strides."

Get ready for a svelte Gary Roberts. After two months and 24 days of CrossFit, he's down about 70 lb. to right around 203 lb. "I feel like worlds have gone by," Roberts says. "I just want to get more fit, more healthy, so I don't know where that final weight would be. It really doesn't matter. I'm pretty much feeling mentally unstoppable right now." In Episode 7 of Killing the Fat Man—called "something happened, the last month"—Roberts is clearly a new man. "I was offered sex two nights in a row," he reveals. "I've been hit on (by) at least eight different people in the last three days. And there was a man in there." In this episode, we find Roberts in Portland, visiting his father. While there, Roberts takes him to CrossFit Stumptown, where the 67-year-old tells owner and head coach Tony Edgerton that he's had triple-bypass surgery, aortic valve replacement and pacemaker implantation. "I don't know. I can't ... describe it, how great I feel. And I'd love for other people to feel the same way," Robert explains. "Like, I think if my wife and my daughter—if I can get them on board to kind of go through the same thing, it wouldn't feel so disconnected."

Nearly 50 workouts later, Gary Roberts has gone from being focused on his weight loss to being focused on general healthy living. "Now I'm (going) to concentrate on improving my fitness—not necessarily worried about fat," he says. In this episode of the Killing the Fat Man—called "we've had more sex in the past 7 days then we have had in the past 2 years"—Roberts is once again talking about bedroom time with his wife. "She's now spent the last seven days jumping my bones," he says. "She's been acting like I've never seen her before. Never. Not even in the early days." Roberts also reaches a milestone in his CrossFit career: getting the opportunity to redo his first WOD. When he started CrossFit, the workout took him nearly 10 minutes and the pull-ups were band assisted. This time—as his wife looks on—he knocks out the WOD in 4:31. "I tried to talk to her about what CrossFit is, what it feels like and ... you can describe it all you want, but until you actually see someone gettin' busted and cracked down and (being) as intense as possible (you don't understand)," Roberts says. For his wife's part, she notes how coordinated her husband has become. "It's kind of crazy to watch," she says.

Gary Roberts has reached the turning point familiar to so many CrossFitters: He's completing the Level 1 Trainer Course. In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called "I found myself again"—our hero is in Oahu, Hawaii, for the seminar. Before starting CrossFit three months ago, Roberts says he never would have thought he'd "be this interested in mastering my fitness and what my personal capabilities are." He adds: "I've never been this excited about fitness. I don't know what's going on." At CrossFit Oahu, he meets HQ trainers Miranda Oldroyd and Todd Widman. "I feel like in three months I've been given a puzzle piece here and there but still kind of not understood the full picture," he says. "I already know how I'm going to apply something during the Fran that I didn't know yesterday." After the brutality that is Fran, Roberts is ready for more. "I just know that no matter what gains I've made in the last three months, this is only Chapter 1 of a 100-chapter book," he says. "I've only begun to tap into my ... unlimited potential."