Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Apollo 11 - UFOs

Apollo 11 - UFOs 

by Cary (LunaCognita)

Hi everyone. In this presentation, I wanted to give you a closer look at a very brief segment of anomalous 16mm DAC motion picture footage from the NASA Archives that was originally shot back in July of 1969 during the flight of Apollo 11. This particular bit of stop-motion footage was taken through one of the windows of the Command Service Module during the trans-lunar coast phase of the mission, while astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were on their outbound journey through cis-lunar space, travelling between the Earth and the Moon. At some point during this TLC phase, one of the Apollo 11 crew did some unscheduled filming out the window with the 16mm DAC motion picture camera, and in the process, managed to film several unidentified objects moving around outside the spacecraft.

In this presentation, we will examine this very brief (11-frame) sequence of 16mm stop-motion DAC footage, looking at both raw and stabilized versions of the scene at various playback rates. I also briefly touch on how this particular stop-motion footage was digitally archived by NASA in such a way that the space agency shows the raw scene in their public Apollo archives at an incorrect playback speed that is some 12 times faster than the rate the footage was originally exposed at.

I do not think this is an accident or just a coincidence that this specific segment of DAC footage showing several UFOs outside the CSM was archived incorrectly, but rather I believe this was done on purpose by NASA in order to help bury this UFO footage so it could effectively be hidden in plain sight within the public archives. Rather than trying to delete or remove this footage from the public archives entirely in order to hide what it shows, NASA instead just archived it in such a way that the raw footage plays back so quickly that the scene would be essentially impossible to interpret without both dramatically changing the playback speed and stabilizing it.

This kind of obfuscation technique that exploits frame-rate issues can indeed be effective at helping the space agency bury potentially controversial footage like this within their public archives, and just to prove that point, keep in mind that this specific short sequence of 16mm DAC footage has been sitting in the NASA archives for over 40 years, yet most people have never seen it until now.

One other point that I did not specifically bring up in this video but that I feel is worth mentioning here - this particular bit of 16mm film appears to have been a totally impromptu, spur of the moment filming, as if one of the astronauts suddenly saw these unidentified objects outside the window of the CSM and quickly grabbed the 16mm DAC camera and started filming them. There is no other reason whatsoever that this specific 11-second segment of stop-motion footage looking out into the blackness of the cis-lunar void would have been shot otherwise. I think it is clear that these unidentified objects were definitely seen outside the spacecraft by the astronaut shooting this sequence and were deliberately being filmed here.

Take care everyone, and I hope you enjoy the presentation!

Buzz Aldrin talks about the 'UFO' which the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the moon.

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