Saturday, February 18, 2012

Webbot Clif high with Suzanne Toro 2/13/2012

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mainstream media whores burst out truth attack...'s coming....just a few days away...prepare your ears now...get your mind'll never have heard such words from mainstream media ever before in your life and it is going to start a flood of such huge proportions that the world will not be the same ever again in the future and it will change more in each minute than in all the minutes that have ever come before and you will feel like you just do not have a second to catch your breath and shouldn't you have gone to work or bed or fed someone or something but you are paralyzed with the novelty rush pouring out of the pent up frustruations of decades of pressurized mainstream media whoredom as all hell breaks loose with a single word that a single mind will not be able to contain......(no, not that one...)

wait for it, days and temporal markers falling rapidly now and precursor events spreading rippling influences outward....

you'll hear it, then you'll know it. All prior to the break out is speculation. Afterward all will be lost in the torrents (hint hint) of the breaking dam, which is why i thought to just get a few days advance notice for naps and pies. We will need all the energy we have (us old farts) to just keep up with the trailing edge....which begins to race away from us by March 19th with release language compounding beyond our ability to chase.

posted February 16, 2012 by clif high