Monday, December 19, 2011

Processing Small Game Squirrel


Anonymous said...

Ancient Tasty Critters?

Ancient Free Energy?

Dark Space said...

I dispatched and cleaned my first squirrel last night, but used the method of cutting through the tail (leaving the skin attached, but through the bone), and down each hind leg, then peeling from the tail down to the head. Subsequently I chopped off the legs and head.

Several key things I did wrong was to not pull off the skin in one clean motion, resulting in a little extra "carving" work. Although it was actually raining, the squirrel was not wet enough, and I ended up washing it for quite a while to get all the hair out of the meat. Definitely room for improvement.

I'm going to try the method described in the video next time, and peel from mid-back outwards and wet the varmint down first.

Dark Space said...

Tried the video method and it was much cleaner.