Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY Mosquito Control - Pesticide Free

DIY MOSQUITO CONTROL pesticide FREE mosquito control Solar Powered Fan West Nile Virus

Using a Maxx Air Flow fan 24", the Orange one from The Home Depot $99 (EXCELLENT FANS) You can clean an area in a few nights breaking an uncontrolled population cycle. This option requires 250 watts of electricity but does not require any pesticides. The screens serve a dual purpose, they also collect dust and fine particulates and eventually form a mat of air junk. The screen provides an easy cleaning option and prevents dire from entering the bearings of the induction motor. The solar option uses a 27 watt blower fan and works great for pigeon and chicken coops, animal kennels and outdoor porches.

Place the fans near infested or high traffic areas. KEEP FANS DRY, no rain. Always Unplug when servicing screens or moving. Place the inlet side towards people or animals so you suck the mosquitoes away. This also sucks in carbon dioxide creating an attraction trail for the mosquitoes to follow sticking them to the back of the fan.

Of course nothing beats bats. ;)