Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Asteroid Warning Time: Two Days

A near-Earth object that could be manmade has just been discovered hurtling toward us. On Wednesday (Jan. 13), an object called 2010 AL30 will fly by Earth at a distance of just 130,000 km (80,000 miles). That's only one-third of the way from here to the moon, ie: very close.

It will miss us, and if it did hit us, it wouldn't do any damage anyway, but I managed to pick up on some chatter between planetary scientists and found out that the "asteroid," or whatever it is, gives us a new standard: a 10-meter-wide asteroid can be detected two days before it potentially hits Earth. A pretty useful warning if you ask me. -- Continued at Discovery News.

h/t: spacefuture


covertress said...

AsteroidWatch warns:

Beware of stories regarding a hoax asteroid, "2009 UNFZ T7". Reportedly, the links to the false story/pics/video may be a virus.

covertress said...

The rock was close

But didn't hit

Turns out Space

is full of sh*t


-- George Ure