Friday, November 28, 2008

Quiz: What gun is right for you?

Quiz: What gun is right for you?

I scored the Dragunov SVD. Imagine that. ;) - c

For you anti-gun types, don't bother taking the quiz. Here's your result:


jjvors said...

I got this:

result image

5.56 Assault rifle, Used by many nations, Famous for its useful combat background and grace. It is the primary assault rifle of the american military.

My major goal is home defense and secondarily, hunting.

I suspect I'd get into trouble hunting with it. So, I'll only hunt off season, when no one will notice. ;0

Jason E. Johnson said...

I scored the Classic M1911. I fired it once or twice in boot camp but they issued the Beretta 92 once I was in the fleet.

My favorite weapon that I have actually fired is the M60. It is just a pain in the rear to carry on a 20 mile march but you surely want it on your side when the bullets start flying. :)