Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NASA Announces Discovery of Super Nova

Silly NASA. It was in my driveway all along!

Introducing the 1964 Super Nova Show Car

The Super Nova show car made its debut at the New York Auto show in April of 1964, revealing the design ideas being kicked around for the upcoming Chevy II restyle. The proportions of the car anticipated the major styling themes that would become popular among youthful drivers in the mid '60s, specifically the longer hood and shorter deck. Chevy II script along the bottom of the front fender of this show piece indicates Chevrolet had a sportier future in mind for its compact economy car. This car was also used to create the Camaro. For more information, check out Don Coffman's Super Nova show car page.

If you were looking for the real NASA supernova story, about today's discovery, click here.