Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mess With the Best... Die Like the Rest [WARNING: Graphic Violence]

Insurgents plan an attack... but have their brains paint the desert.

WARNING: Graphic Violence [NSFW]

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Music: Let the Good Times Roll by The Cars (banged up blooper video) and One Step Closer by Linkin Park (music video)


Anonymous said...

I dont think it is good to show dead people this way. when you show them like some prey you are not better than the terrorists who make videos of cutting head ofs etc

covertress said...


Having neither filmed nor produced this real glimpse of the war on terror, I find your personal attack both rude and offensive.

War is not pretty. This is the price that terrorists can and should pay.

Perhaps when terror strikes closer to your home, you'll believe differently.

Regards, covertress

Jason E. Johnson said...

I also like one of the current mottos, No better friend, No worse enemy.

Keep up the great work. I would much rather see the brains of terrorist than a flaming building with people jumping out.

Humbled Infidel said...

They start it and we end it! Thanks for posting this.

Dickard said...

It'd be nice if you would explain what the hell happened here...

BTW, maybe you edited the post but it didn't seem like "anonymous" was personally attacking you in any way.


Captain America said...


1) Terrorists plan attack against US troops

2) One of the terrorists decides to video the planning and attack

3) Would-be terrorist Oscar winner gets shot/killed while in process of trying to win Oscar

4) After the battle, victorious US troops video the would-be Oscar winning terrorist videographer dead with his camera still in hand

5) US troops replay the terrorist video, add their own photos/video to make a true Oscar contender

P.S. As soon as "anonymous" used the word "you" in his/her ignorant post, they made it personal against Covertress.

Captain America said...

@ anonymous

"I dont think it is good to show dead people this way."

Thanks for your opinion. By the way, do you live in a country where free speech is recognized?

"...when you show them like some prey..."

They made themselves "prey" when they foolishly decided to attack US troops.

"...you are not better than the terrorists who make videos of cutting head ofs etc..."

Making videos of terrorists showing painful and tortuous decapitations while someone is still alive is disgusting and barbaric. Showing a video made by US troops to show why it's stupid to even think about attacking them is a good public service to the citizens or Iraq.