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How to Tell if You're Being Bugged

Warning Signs of Covert Eavesdropping or Bugging - By Granite Island Group

  1. Others know your confidential business or professional trade secrets.
    This is the most obvious indicator of covert eavesdropping activities. Theft of confidential information is a multi-billion dollar underground industry in the United States. Often the loss of your secrets will show up in very subtle ways so you should always trust your instincts in this matter. When your competitors know things that are obviously private, or the media finds out about things they should not know, then it is reasonable to suspect technical eavesdropping or bugging.
  2. Secret meetings and bids seem to be less than secret.
    Confidential meetings and bids are very popular targets for corporate spies. How would you like the plans for the corporate takeovers you're planning to become public knowledge? Would copies of your product designs be of any use to your competitors? Would it be beneficial for your competitors to know how much you're quoting for the same project?
  3. People seem to know your activities when they shouldn't.
  4. You have noticed strange sounds or volume changes on your phone lines.
    This is commonly caused by an amateur eavesdropper when they attach a wiretap, or activate a similar listening device. Surveillance devices often cause slight anomalies on the telephone line such a volume shift or drop-out. Professional eavesdroppers and their equipment usually do not make such noises; so if this is going on it could indicate that an amateur eavesdropper is listening in. On the other hand you could simply be experiencing a flaw in the line, but you should check it out.
  5. VHF phone bug - 33x14x3mm, no need for additional power, up to 200m transmitted range.

  6. You have noticed static, popping, or scratching on your phone lines.
    This is caused by the capacitive discharge which occurs when two conductors are connected together (such as a bug or wiretap on a phone line). This is also a sign that an amateur eavesdropper or poorly trained spy is playing with your phone lines. It could be nothing more then a problem with your phone line or instrument, but a TSCM person should evaluate the situation to make sure.
  7. Sounds are coming from your phones handset when it's hung up.
    This is often caused by a hook switch bypass, which turns the telephone receiver into a eavesdropping microphone (and also a speaker). There is probably somebody listening to everything you say or do within twenty feet of the telephone (if this is happening).
  8. Your phone often rings and nobody is there, or a very faint tone, or high pitched squeal or beep is heard for a fraction of a second.
    This is an indicator of a slave device, or line extender being used on your phone line. This is also a key indicator of a harmonica bug, or infinity transmitter being used. Of course it may also be nothing more then a fax machine or modem calling the wrong number (but a TSCM person should evaluate the situation to make sure).
  9. Phone Parallel TX-1600 - uses its own power and having an input impedance of more than 9 Mohm it is not detectable by most sophisticated detectors.

  10. You can hear a tone on your line when your phone is on the hook (by using an external amplifier).
    To check for something like this you would have to obtain a "recorder starter" interface (with a VOX option), or some kind of a high gain audio amplifier such as a uAmp or Kaiser 1059. Then with the phone hung-up listen to your telephone wiring. If you hear a faint solid dual tone it is a dead giveaway of someone using a "slave" eavesdropping device on your (or one of your neighbors) telephone lines. Such devices create a "command tone" when the subject hangs up the phone (so you must ensure that all of your phones are hung-up). On an added note: the most common command tones for illicit eavesdropping devices are 2100 Hz and DTMF-C, but any tone combination may be used.
  11. Your AM/FM radio has suddenly developed strange interference.
    Many amateur and spy shop eavesdropping devices use frequencies within or just outside the FM radio band, these signals tend to drift and will "quiet" an FM radio in the vicinity of the bug. Look for the transmissions at far ends of the FM radio band, and at any quiet area within the FM band. If the radio begins to squeal then slowly move it around the room until the sound become very high pitched. This is referred to as feedback detection or loop detection and will often locate the bug. The "stereo" function should be turned off so the radio is operating in "mono" as this will provide a serious increase in sensitivity. If you find a "squealer" in this manner then immediately contact a TSCM and get them to your location FAST.
  12. Your car radio suddenly starts "getting weird"
    Keep in mind that the antenna your car radio uses may be (and often is) exploited by an eavesdropper, and that such usage may interfere with radio reception (so be concerned if you automobile radio suddenly starts getting weird).
  13. Nanny cam - wireless surveillance inside a child's toy.

  14. Your television has suddenly developed strange interference.
    Television broadcast frequencies are often used to cloak a eavesdropping signal, but such a devices also tends to interfere with television reception (usually a UHF channel). Televisions also "suck in" a lot of RF energy and because of this are very sensitive to any nearby transmitters (this is technically called "Bandwidth, and TV signals use a lot of it). A small handheld television with a collapsible antenna may be used to sweep a room. Carefully watch for interference around channel numbers 2, 7, 13, 14, 50-60, and 66-68 as these frequencies are very popular with eavesdroppers.
  15. You have been the victim of a burglary, but nothing was taken.
    Professional eavesdroppers often break into a targets home or office, and very rarely leave direct evidence of the break-in; however, occupants of the premises will often "pickup on something not being right" such as the furniture being moved slightly.
  16. Electrical wall plates appear to have been moved slightly or "jarred".
    One of the most popular locations to hide eavesdropping devices is inside, or behind electrical outlets, switches, smoke alarms, and lighting fixtures. This requires that the wall plates be removed. Look for small amounts of debris located on the floor directly below the electrical outlet. Also, watch for slight variations in the color or appearance of the power outlets or light switches as these are often swapped out by an eavesdropper. Also note if any of the screws which hold the wall plate against the wall have been moved from their previous position.
  17. Measuring a miniscule 2x2x2cm, this little camera can be inserted inside your shirt. It can monitor activities 100 meters away and has a very good quality colour lens with a sensitive microphone.

  18. A dime-sized discoloration has suddenly appeared on the wall or ceiling.
    This is a tell tale sign that a pinhole microphone or small covert video camera has been recently installed.
  19. One of your vendors just gave you any type of electronic device such as a desk radio, alarm clock, lamp, small TV, boom box, CD player, and so on.
    Many of these "gifts" are actually Trojan horses which contain eavesdropping devices. Be very suspicious of any kind of pen, marker, briefcase, calculator, "post-it" dispenser, power adapter, pager, cell phone, cordless phone, clock, radio, lamp, and so on that is given as a gift. That little gift the salesman left for you may be a serious hazard.
  20. A small bump or deformation has appeared on the vinyl baseboard near the floor.
    Strong indicator that someone may have concealed covert wiring or a microphone imbedded into the adhesive which holds the molding to the wall. Such deformation will often appear as a color shift, or lightening of the color.
  21. The smoke detector, clock, lamp, or exit sign in your office or home looks slightly crooked, has a small hole in the surface, or has a quasi reflective surface.
    These items are very popular concealment for covert eavesdropping devices. Often when these devices are installed at a target location they are rarely installed straight. Also watch out for things like this that "just appear", or when there is a slight change in their appearance.
  22. The Digital Spy Camera Pen is compact enough to fit in your pocket. The device can take images and stores them on its built-in 2MB memory and transfers images to your PC using a serial cable.

  23. Certain types of items have "just appeared" in your office of home, but nobody seems to know how they got there.
    Typical items to watch for and beware of are: clocks, exit signs, sprinkler heads, radios, picture frames, and lamps.
  24. White dry-wall dust or debris is noticed on the floor next to the wall.
    A sign that a pinhole microphone or video camera may have been installed nearby. It will appear as if someone has dropped a small amount of powdered sugar either on the floor, or on the wall.
  25. You notice small pieces of ceiling tiles, or "grit" on the floor, or on the surface area of your desk. Also, you may observe a cracked, chipped, or gouged ceiling tiles, or ones that are sagging, or not properly set into the track.
    Prime indicator that a ceiling tile has been moved around, and that someone may have installed a hidden video camera or other eavesdropping device in your office or near your desk. Also watch for cracks or chips in the ceiling tiles. Amateur and poorly trained spies tend to crack or damage acoustical tiles. The ceiling tiles in any executive areas should never contain any cracks, nicks, gouges, or stains. Any ceiling tile that becomes damaged (for what ever reason) should immediately replaced and the cause of the damage documented. In such cases it is also wise to have a TSCM specialist inspect the area around the chipped, broken, or damaged tile to determine if a hostile eavesdropping device may have been introduced.
  26. You notice that "Phone Company" trucks and utilities workers are spending a lot of time near your home or office doing repair work.
    If you see the same or similar vehicles more then three times then you may have a serious problem (at least according to the U.S. State Department training course on counter surveillance).
  27. The SC4142 sprinkler camera blends in with virtually any office, warehouse, restaurant or other public interior environment without giving any sign of surveillance.

  28. Telephone, cable, plumbing, or air conditioning repair people show up to do work when no one called them.
    A very common ruse which eavesdroppers use to get into a facility is to fake a utility outage, and then show up to fix the problem. While they are fixing "the problem" they are also installing eavesdropping devices. Some of the more popular outages involve power, air conditioning, telephone, and even the occasional false fire alarm.
  29. Service or delivery trucks are often parked nearby with nobody (you can see) in them.
    These vehicles are commonly used as listening posts, be very cautious of any vehicle which has a ladder or pipe rack on the roof. Also, be wary of any vehicle which has tinted windows, or an area which you cannot see though (like a service van). The listening post vehicle could be any vehicle from a small Geo Tracker, Suburban, Blazer, Trooper, or Cargo Van. Look for any vehicle which could conceal a person in the back or has tinted windows. Also, keep in mind that the eavesdropper may relocate the vehicle several times, so look around. Typically, eavesdroppers like to get within 500-750 feet from the place or person they are eavesdropping on.
  30. Your door locks suddenly don't "feel right", they suddenly start to get "sticky", or they completely fail.
    Prime evidence that the lock has been picked, manipulated, or bypassed. Try to always use biaxial locks with sidebars (such as ASSA or Medeco). Also, only use double sided deadbolts in all doors, and good quality window bars on all windows, and a good quality door bar on all doors not used as a primary entry doors.
  31. Found in a major food distributor's conference room. It was purchased on Ebay for $23.00.

  32. Furniture has been moved slightly, and no one knows why.
    A very popular location for the installation of eavesdropping device is either behind, or inside furniture (couch, chair, lamp, etc.) People who live or work in a targeted area tend to notice when furnishings have been moved even a fraction of an inch. Pay close attention to the imprint which furniture makes on rugs, and the position of lamps shades. Also watch the distance between furniture and the wall as eavesdroppers are usually in a hurry and rarely put the furniture back in the right place.
  33. Things "seem" to have been rummaged through, but nothing is missing (at least that you noticed).
    A "less than professional spy" will often rummage through a targets home for hours, but very rarely will they do it in a neat and orderly fashion. The most common "rummaging" targets are the backs of desk drawers, the bottom of file cabinets, closets, and dresser drawers.
  34. An eavesdropper sends you a copy of your private conversations.
    As simple as it seems this is the strongest indicator, and solid proof of eavesdropping. An eavesdropper will sometimes send a victim a copy of a private conversation they intercepted in an attempt at blackmail, or in an attempt to terrorize, or to just stalk the victim. This is commonly seen in civil lawsuits, criminal court cases, marital problems, shareholder disputes, custody battles, and other situations were one side has a position of weakness and is trying to physiologically undermine their opponent.

Who Gets Bugged?

High Threat Business Situations

  • Your company has stock which is publicly traded (or will be soon)
  • Your company is having labor problems, union activities, or negotiations
  • Your company is involved in any type of litigation or lawsuit
  • Your company has layoffs pending (or they have just happened)
  • Your company is involved in the fashion, automotive, advertising, or marketing industry

Anyone can be the target of covert eavesdropping, however; some people are under greater risk than others because of financial position, occupation, legal, or domestic situation.

  • Spouses bug each other on a regular basis
  • Parents bug children
  • Businessmen bug other businessmen
  • Scientists bug other scientists
  • Students bug professors
  • Attorneys bug other attorneys (and their clients)
  • Insurance companies bug accident victims, and other claimants
  • Construction companies bug other construction companies
  • Salesmen bug clients
  • Collection agencies bug debtors
  • Police officers bug suspects
  • Executive recruiters bug personnel directors
  • Rock fans bug rock musicians
  • Department stores bug customers and merchandise

High Threat Personal Situations (when to be seriously concerned)

You (or someone close to you) have been:

  • Involved in any type of litigation or lawsuit
  • Been questioned, arrested or arraigned by the police
  • In the process of getting married, divorced, or separated
  • A minister or religious leader (i.e.: priest, rabbi, deacon, bishop, elder...)
  • Running for any type of elected public office
  • Elected to any public office (i.e.: mayor, selectman, school principal)
  • Executive or scientist at any large company
  • Recently filed a insurance claim
  • Engaging in political demonstrations or activism
  • Employed by a defense contractor, Department of Energy, etc...
  • Private Investigators have been "poking" around
  • You are in the upper income bracket

Keep in mind that anybody with Money, Power, Influence, or access to sensitive, classified, or personal information is at serious personal risk.

On a related note: If you work (or have worked) for any kind of military, governmental, law enforcement or judicial agency the possibility of you being targeted for eavesdropping is very high. Such eavesdropping can come from either side of the law, and is rarely legal or court sanctioned.

Additionally, people married to, associated with, divorced from, getting divorced from, dating, or getting intimate with a member of law enforcement, private security, PI, or any level of the judicial system should be concerned about illegal eavesdropping (yes, cops love to bug their wives and girlfriends).

If any of the above warning signs apply and you are concerned about covert eavesdropping or wiretapping then it would be wise to immediately contact a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures firm and schedule a "Bug Sweep" or TSCM inspection. However, do not call from a suspect telephone, cellular telephone, or cordless phone.

Visit my Spy Store to pick up your own gear. - c


Anonymous said...

TSCM is not a known industry and as a result many people who are victims of eavesdroping and wiretaps remain unaware as to where to seek technical assistance to resolve their intercepted communication.
Charles Del Campo

Anonymous said...

This is all too Disturbing. I think this is the case with me. Others have called me crazy for being able to see the signs. What can anyone do? The people with money or power have no concern with others privacy. Privacy is a joke these days. I am unsure if there is any such thing as privacy anymore.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is going on with me also. I completely agree with the posted above me. I think it is a conspiracy, people with money and friends in high places do this and it is taking over my life. I have no privacy, my mail is always opened, someone comes inside my house but never steals anything...papers get missing and then reappear. It is very disturbing and I need help! Please help me.

Anonymous said...

When I have the TV on, I hear voices other than the people speaking on the TV shows. I recently moved from an apartment complex I had lived at for 22 years. When I moved in 22 years ago, I noticed there was no trim at the bottom of the walls in any of my rooms, but there was trim in other apartments. I became suspicious that perhaps a wire or some type of eavesdropping device had been placed and I was being observed. I asked the apartment management why I didn't have any trim and they never addressed it. A little over a year ago I checked the box in the back of a vacant apartment 2 doors away from mine and found a tag with my telephone number on it. I was foolish not to report it to my telephone company. I don't know the technical aspects of using telephone wiring for surveillance, but I believe someone was shadowing me. I even thought that maybe tape recording equipment had been placed in my electrical outlets.

Stupidly I moved from my apartment into the apartment that was vacant and had the tag with my telephone number on it. When I moved into the new apartment, I was bothered by voices which I believe were electronically transmitted into my apartment to bother me. By the way, all of this coincides with my being harassed at my job between 2006 and 2010 with management giving me an assistant who never showed up or couldn't do the work. I believe they wanted me to resign because I had worked in the office for almost 15 years and had worked up to $1,000/week and it was costing them too much. Remarks were made in the office to me that made it obvious to me that recordings of me in my apartment had been made and were played to some of the office workers so they could make me feel uncomfortable.
Now I'm in a new apartment about 2 miles from where I used to live and I believe I'm still being stalked. I have wireless and had the cable TV/wireless technician back last week to complain about the amplification of strange voices when the TV volume is turned up. The technician replaced the box and said something about the outside wiring. What I want to know is if cable TV could set things up so that a person could be monitored through their service/wiring.

In my original apartment I called an attorney and he advised me to call the police. The police told me to move and it was worse in the new apartment! At first I thought it was my upstairs neighbors saying to me things like "Afford it." and "Earn it." But now I think it was voices being piped into my living quarters by an unknown source to intentionally bother me. I'm going to contact an attorney again, but maybe I should invest in a good recording device so they can hear the voices.

I forgot to mention that a horizontal band appears on my TV set whenever the voices are heard. If I turn up the TV volume, they become louder. At my old apartment and my new one, the young woman's voice is the same and there's also a male voice, usually later in the day. It's obvious I'm being tailed.
Also, when I went to my auto dealer to fix a tail light last week, they said it would take them hours because the wiring was so goofed up. So I'm wondering if someone played around with my car wiring in order to tail me. It's very annoying.

Anonymous said...


Victoria said...

When you're a victim of this you naturally go into a hyper vigilant state which means you may interpret some incidences wrongly suffering even when its something else...the whole things a joke. At the end of the day the saddos stalking you are never going to admit it as they'd go to jail so either move or refuse to be inhibited by their problem. This is quite hard. Ignore it it's difficult but if they know you're upset it's like bullying it keeps them interested try to bore them alternatively leave the country ! And of course if you can get evidence(don't waste loads of money half these experts miss spy cameras etc) press charges. It's an unethical wrong situation pity them and be strong! Humour is really good at releasing stress too...don't let it bother you or disturb you everything passes away.

Anonymous said...

I think that my husband have a bug in my car. How I can check this? He is also good with fixing any problems on cars, so it might be hard for me to detect, but he knows all my conversations with other people.

Anonymous said...

Strong radio field may indicate state of the art surveillance equipment placed above your ceiling by removing the floor of apartment above yours. It is happening to me now. I can sit in the dark and actually hear the switches going off. When owners took up floor in apt. Above mine, they posted " no trespassing " signs on front door. Very scandalous activity on owner of apartment owner' s part.
Conclusion: A serious violation off privacy.

Anonymous said...

You notice you hearing threats (Voices!) coming from your mouth and your not talking or thinking, This happened after you went to get a root canal done! An unknown man came in the room and put in a Audio tooth cell phone implant With out your consent or the dentists consent either and you found out your neighbor talked about them! You are now a victim of a serious bugging through a audio tooth implant device! And it is happening all the time and you did research and you feel you are a victim to that type of crime!

Anonymous said...

You hear voices saying your a jerk @#!$ Excetra and it sounds like it's coming from your fridge or a motor down in the basement ..You are being bugged through a smart meter or you hear buzzing coming form your mouth...It's a 2-way (Talk) covert implant bug that is put in your gum or under a tooth cap, during a root canal and probably a neighbor or his buddy trying to get you to look crazy or put away! People this is happening and it is real easy to do with a person who is relative to a dentist or a doctor family member wanting to get revenge of do you in with no way for anyone to prove it was a murder!

Anonymous said...

Read all about: The cell phone Tooth implant and tiny wire implants that have voice mechanisms added and they can read your mind and everything you think about or see!!!This is all about about "COVERT" wireless Electronic harassment and it is getting scarier all the time with the new stuff that is out now! The internet is entwined in this stuff also! A criminal can do a person in and not be found out ..But not much longer ,because the VOICES are now fighting back folks Our President is going to hear all about the stuff and We hope he puts the laws out about this IMPLANT(S) and INTERNAL UNSEEN COVERT STUFF that people and or CRIMINALS can be put into you, without your knowledge or your CONCENT! Every suicide needs to checked for internal bugging in the mouth and root canals because this is where it is happening and It is being researched and found out it is true! Gang people have even found out how to use this stuff and it comes form the other countries ..some of it! So be aware and if you notice anything or hear anything record it! It is recordable on a Digital camera and tape recorder with s sound editing! OH YES NIEGHBOR... YOU ARE going to be in deep trouble for pulling stuff on a person whose family worked for MOTOROLA for many years and someone in that family knew about this back already in the 1940s!And am I glad they mentioned it! Always remember everything you family says!

Anonymous said...

Oh and if your dentist/doctor does not want to do a investigation and the try to put you away...OH NO THEY WILL NOT IF YOU GIVE THEM THE INFORMATION THAT WILL FLOOR THEM AND THEY CAN"T DENIE IT ANYMORE!....on the inside bug issue!.... have them talk to the FBI or CIA or F.C.C. because it is thus then NEGLECT and even possible murder if you would happen to get real sick to the point of no return, KEEP A RECOD OF EVRYTHING AND TELL FRIENDs ..even if it make you look crazy a little bit because..the cops will find out the truth when they hear the stories and read the recorded information you kept! even an allergy from the water proofing of that internal bug device can make you big money form this criminal act someone did to you!! The Criminals are now playing FBI stuff and it is getting to be very scary with this internet and implant cell phone and 2-way talk internal\bug stuff and it is easy to buy this stuff! That criminal can read your mind, track you, spy on you. know everything and steal your money excetra! DON"T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!
Steven Hawkins is a good example of what I am talking about! Can't move but hears and talks back through a computer! We are being cybernetic-tized! And this has to stop!

Anonymous said...

And this is really interestingly stupid to do these internal implant phone mouth cell phone implants excetra? other countries can ruin us by snooping, spying and so forth and USA is going to let it happen!? How are we to know if the implants we put in are not swapped by insider traders ...for spy implants or even something that could do something really bad to our country!?Do we want this stuff!?I HOPE NOT We mise as well play Russian rue let then with our lives because that is what will happen! And the Russians or whom ever will say ..Thank you for doing this for us!!

Anonymous said...

And we wonder why we are going broke! penny by penny...Don't say anything, no SS numbers or pass words or ANYTHING PERSONAL,DON"T even mentions where you are going cause they might be tracking you!excetra!!. Because we are being heard everything we say and ALL of the secrets and who knows who is roaming our country right now with one of these in them or whom is a spy or a victim of this crime! Watch the eyes.. if two people are acting like they are talking form afar...they might be but unheard, cause the MIND READING 2-way talk internal implants you don't have to move your mouth or anything.... anymore!!That is the point of the issue!

Anonymous said...

Our world is now star wars and we are the real cybernetic people and it is all 100&true!

Anonymous said...

What is that picture of a case with a computer inside of it of? It looks like something my husband had in his car.

Anonymous said...

It’s interesting to read the below and thought that I was alone in this. People even tried to have me committed. Currently being stalked by my co-op management company. However it is a Mitchellama, partially funded by state/federal. The security staff, porters, tenants, NYS housing, DHCR is stalking me 24/7, and any other city agency they can recruit to follow me. From the volume of people(approx. 100 per day, it appears that these people are being paid to follow me. They follow me to the drs apt, restaurants, interviews and also follow me from state to state.
What's interesting, is that the police is always with those following me. It also appears that these people who are following me are from nearby housing complexes also. They follow me into Manhattan, New Jersey & PA. They sit on me until I leave where I am. They also have apps that they were provided with to stalk me to get my personal information. Every store, establishment I enter, they call the owner/manager to have their staff stalk me and send in ppl after me to get information from my devices.
The tenants are also following me, and I can feel the moment that they begin to drain my phone/laptop & Pad. The doctors/dentist I go to, they provide them with an apps to record me and get info from my phone. Who knows, I may have a chip planted in my tooth, on my last dentist visit. I also believe that my apartment is bugged, people are entering my apartment when am not there and am seeing some strange things and hearing some strange noise. They have helicopter follow me as well as plant people with apps on the bus I take.
I never know in This country that claim to be a democratic and tolerant country would people are treated like a criminals and hunt them down like animals, violating their 4th and 5th amendment rights, setting people up and making bogus claims and launching phantom investigations to intimidate innocent folks, by the powers that be. Suddenly the lawyers cannot or won’t see me, my mails are being tampered with and my packages are being diverted; and you realize that no one will help you, while they ruin your life. They can get your information from great distance also.
Anyone knows of an effective way to protect your devices, they are getting into any devices, working or non-working and even the common man on the street is hounding me to get my information from my devices. They are bold, they are in dark tinted cars, hiding in side streets, elevators. It takes only a second to get your information. Rather, does anyone know of a good lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Check out gangstalking, I know of someone going threw same thing

Anonymous said...

Check out gangstalking I know someone else that this is happening to, trust me This has been going on for years, this person I know was committed, you are not alone go to YouTube and read a lawyer in Dr. Phil show,

Anonymous said...

It's called gangstalking go to YouTube and watch the many videos, I know someone that this is happening too, watch about the attorney in Dr, Phil in YouTube this happened to him also, a horrible crime

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, classic symptoms. What happened to that lawyer is happening to me and I know who they are. They live in my building and work in my building and have help from many who have access.

Tirta Perwitasari said...

I live in Indonesia, i never thought in place like this this kind of technology exist, but i am now a victim of eavesdropping and video surveillance, HELP ME!

Anonymous said...

A dentist or doctor put a vein or cell phone tooth gum/root canal implant that can transmit real talking or your own voice, they do this with Tattoos now, under the skin on some gang persons arms OR a listening implant, this is the new technology that has been updated form war times! It was something they used in cats to spy on people!! and now thugs,drug people and narcissistic type people can hire someone even a sex offender or can be hired of take control of implant you and harass you( because only you and the criminal can hear what is being said unless they have others hooked in some how to the same implant or mind reading apparatus!) they will try to make you go crazy or look crazy or set you up with any type of situation they want and even mock police by saying that they are the cops or even the FBI! It's happening all the time and they can screw the heck out of anyone they want because only you and the criminal can hear tracking your every move, hear your banks accounts everything can be intervened, especially if they use a mind reading soft wear! on their computer or cell phone ..I found this for only 56.00$ on the's done with a hearing persons apparatus, for death or hard of hearing individual! They can even go as far as causing a death or suicide if no one listens to you when you try to tell what is going on! I wonder if you can then sue the police if they cause your death by not investigating the situation because no one either cares or they don't want to or maybe they know about what is happening and are afraid to investigate it! Hey guys!!! it's not 1920s any more I think it's time to start telling the truth about implants and how people can abuse others internally!
And lets test the theory not avoid it because the proof is everywhere and water proof Nano or miniature listeners have been used in UNDER WATER sea diving Investigations, lost miners underground excetra.... What is to hard to do the same thing internally in a body! They did it with cats! We won't get screwed by any criminals anymore! And just think of what the enemy whom ever they might be could be doing right now..scary stuff man! Spying and listening has gone totally big time and OMG! It is frightening when it comes to crime!

sane person said...

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sane person said...

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sane person said...

fucking nut nut go see your doctor you should be put away thats how fucked are how are you free to.walk the streets????

Ross Mary said...

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Eliana Cooper said...

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Jones Morris said...

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and points to innovation that makes use of a system of satellites to ‘communicate’ Hidden Cam

Ana Jackie said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, gangstalking is for real. Im being gangstalked too.

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Freedom said...

I m going throw the same pain cnt do any any thngs proparly all tme getting darkside harasses nd also ternsttimitng all body in to shake . Mny mre torcher i need serious strong protection

Freedom said...

I m going throw the same pain cnt do any any thngs proparly all tme getting darkside harasses nd also ternsttimitng all body in to shake . Mny mre torcher i need serious strong protection

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Anonymous said...

Our neighbor over in Clark County, WI was over by our ditch with a antenna on his ATV handles, He would not say what the heck he was doing and why he was looking towards our home but since then I realized my DVD player a light was going on when I walked in the house and no one turned it on or off, Someone also told me they had some type of inside job done finding their computer inside was stolen leaving them with little left to get the computer on ..they broke the lock and opened up the back and took some of the computer disk out of the computer! Also,can some one tell me why we can pick up tracker signals coming form the television set and they go off and on a certain times of the day and night! We have stuff going on over here big time and the cops won't even investigate and of the complaints! One person down the road says they don't like certain people and are going to set them up for a nut house and there is nothing wrong with those persons at all it's a revenge set up and to make them look bad! Those people have been threatening them for a long time and the cops just say ignore them! But if you do say stuff they will threaten some of the nastiest stuff and you will find stuff n missing and even stuff and horn noise campaigns and what is this stuff they are putting in our air with their mufflers!? I wonder why the cops don't allow this to happen to them? They sure the heck would not ignore this if it happened in their neighborhood! Could it cause health problems? Some person told me drug people do this so the smell of certain drugs can't be smelled and they make you all look like your doing stuff! Then they take the movable mufflers off when and if the cops are around...Figures doesn't it!?

Anonymous said...

There is also a person claiming someone has hidden a spying systems in some of the homes in that area of a Clark County, WI somewhere in their properties or and is coming out of the inlet computer TV and telephone box out side! You can pick it up on a AM/FM radio!

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Moore Juliet said...

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Oboh Texaco said...

My name is Andrea Ramsay from USA My boyfriend and I were happy as far as I could tell and I never thought that we would break up. When his cousin died in a tragic car accident he went back to Philippine for a week to be with his family. I could not go because I was in the middle of entertaining out of town clients for work. He did not seem to be upset that I could not go so I let him be. The next thing that I know, he reconnected with an old friend from high school that he had a crush on years ago and they started to have an affair! I had no clue what was going on until a month after he came back from Philippine.He proceeded to see both her and I until I caught him testing her one night. I confronted him and he told me the truth about what happened. We broke up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and just keep it moving. Then after about a month of not speaking to him I became sad. I wanted him to tell me that he wanted to be with me and not her. I contacted Dr.Oboh for a love spell and he totally helped me! he was able to get him to miss me to where he wanted to get back together again. He had a lot of regrets and felt bad for not fighting to keep me and for cheating in general. He values our relationship so much more now and we are together now! You can also get your lover back with the help of Dr. Oboh contact him through his email:

anonymous said...

This happened to me.. My ex-husband was involved in illegal activities. there was discoloration of paint on the walls, strange toys showed up in my kids rooms, under my kitchen bar there was a large green thumbtack that no one in my home had ever seen before, one day there was even a pair of Prada sunglasses up high on a living room shelf. I had a drawer with old cellphones and chargers in it, one day an old blackberry was on the desk. the battery had been messed with, as if something was inserted in it, the phone didn't close back into place correctly.. there were SEVERAL other things I noticed. I told a couple people and they thought I was crazy.. 6 months later Fbi and homeland security kicked in my door and arrested my husband and I.

Covered By The Blood said...

I'm going through this now as I am sure. Before I read this I went into prayer because I've been complaining about gang stalkers and no one believed me. Well the other day I couldn't take it anymore. I called my phone service and I told the guy well he new whdtri was speaking of and confirmed it and gave me the specifica. He asked had anyone been on the roof and sure nude yes and now AC not working. He told me remove my Google email let's erase phone and start monitoring. Well I was going through everything written here and I had to call landlord to fix. Well fast forwarding I ended up calling police but like my LL mentioned before all he has to do is pay a lawyer $1900 to send his headache away. He's from Iran and him his wife the AC guy and daughter all laughed and mocked me. He didn't know I was behind him later when he said she called the cops like I got cops!!! I got overwhelmed today as I record them all. It's frustrating to be violated, harassed monitored and followed. I don't have the money to hire anyone he or whomever else knows this and mock and taunt me. He said we saw you hiding not answering the door and laughed. I said you got cameras and he first answered yes then switched up. But it's all recorded.


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Anonymous said...

WOW What stories... Keep up the good work guys. Time well spent.
LOL And don't worry about the gangstalking or hIV. If its meant to happen it will happen and theres nothing you can do about except be prepared. I suspect these losers waste their time with this stuff to try and make people crazy lol
Im already crazy hehe
Peace out and god bless

Anonymous said...

Oh and yeh you all should be flattered that a bunch of losers are doing this stuff lol what a network! Feds/criminals co op managers and people who cant spell and clearly had no education. Dont worry and be happy that so many people are trying to fudge your life up lol
Bedtime story for ya'll
Losers/Liars will be attracted to losers and liars. And they will have their heads so far up there bums they wont realize that a leopard never changes their spots. A mole is mole regardless of the fact that she is educated or not... The guy and the mole he shacks up with will never trust each other
I was married once but for 20 mins practically... worst 20 min of my life. Bedding her was like stirring porridge lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am being harassed daily by my management company, the tenants, and other people in the vicinity. They overheat my apartment, walls, floors and even shut down my stereo set and have damaged one of my stereo set. Although, there is disc in the unit, its says NO DISC. In addition, they also try to damage my mind and my hair in that targeted area stopped growing. My eyes burn because of this and my vision is being severely compromised.

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Hi everyone!!!

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