Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guns N' Poetry

for Chuck

~ ~ ~

a handgun nearby

loving mother rests her feet

children sleep soundly

~ ~ ~

early morning fog

goblins seek easy repast

man with Glock fears not

~ ~ ~

her first bullseye scored

daughter's smile is luminous

gun culture lives on

~ ~ ~

empty the beer can

set up sixty feet downrange

carefully take aim

~ ~ ~

gun dog stops on dime

tail upright, body frozen

I'd better not miss

~ ~ ~

friends go to the range

air thick with smoke, brass on floor

work is forgotten

~ ~ ~

history teaches

you take away my weapon

you will call me : SLAVE

~ ~ ~

from Yamabushi Gun Haiku


Humbled Infidel said...

Our guns we shall keep and slaves we shall not be. Death to those who would disarm Americans.